Mirabilis lady Essence


滢亮润泽 弹嫩紧致

Bright Nourishing ,Elastic and Compact


• 融萃多种氨基酸及透明质酸,每一滴,浓蕴奢润活性成分,浸透至肌底,焕发肌肤活力,令肌肤重现明亮神采; • 保持肌肤鲜活充盈,提升肌肤吸收力,赋予肌肤盈耀臻宠,还原肌肤润泽紧致,尽展美肌活力!

Product Efficacy:

• It contains a variety of amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Every drop contains active ingredients for moistening, penetrate into the skin bottom, rejuvenate and brighten the skin. • It can make skin fresh, enhance skin absorption, give out skin luster, recover moistening and compact skin and display the skin vitality.


Net Content:40ml


Mirabilis lady Toner


柔润奢养 沁肌逆颜

Soft Moistening ,Skin Refreshing


深透净澈肌肤,层层沁润滋养,源源释放水盈动力,持续补水保湿,奢润养护柔滑美肌; • 玉露般质地,触肤水感丝滑,瞬息沁肌滋养,紧锁水分,于柔润舒畅臻享之时,缔造光耀美肌。

Product Efficacy:

It can deeply clean the skin, nourish it layer by layer and continuously release moisture, supply water for moisturizing, moisturize and maintain soft, smooth and beautiful skin. • It has a dew-like texture and generates a sense of smooth skin touching. It can instantly nourish the skin and lock the moisture. It can provide a sense of soft and comfortable moistening and creating soft and beautiful skin.


Net Content:150 ml


Mirabilis lady


抗皱修护 焕亮滋养

Anti-wrinkle repair Whitening and nourishing



Product Efficacy:

·Enriched with rare precious pearls and plant nutrients, fade out fine lines, dry lines and other skin aging phenomenon;
·With unique creamy texture, nourishing from inside out for each layer of skin, precision repair of dull, slack and acne skin;
·Light and comfortable application experience on the face, without tightness, grease free, to restore the firm, tender and smooth skin with shiny whitening luster.


Net Content:40g